Hatchet Quotes Analysis

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Hatchet In this book, a thirteen year old boy named Brian Robenson is going to his dad’s house, when out of nowhere, the pilot had a heart attack and died. Brian now has to figure out how to run the plane until the gas runs out, and he crashes. Now, brian is trying to survive by finding food and water. While going through many difficulties. Brian is motivated by survival because he has to learn how to live in the wild all by himself with hardly any knowledge about it. In the book, when brian crashes, he is thinking about how he will find food which is where this quote comes into place. “There was nothing obvious to eat and aside from about a million birds and the beaver. He hadn't seen animals to trap and cook, even if he got one somehow, he didn't have any matches so he couldn't have a fire.” on page 45. In this quote, he is saying how he needs to find food and needed to figure out how to…show more content…
Brian is saying how he doesn't care if the berries made him sick and feel gross. It was food and it filled him up more than no food would. While Brian was figuring out how to start a fire, this quote came into text and it says “There could be fire here, he thought. I will have a fire here, he thought, and struck again - I will have a fire from the hatchet.” and that is on page 81. Brian knew that he needed to start a fire in order to survive, stay warm, and cook food to help with him hunger. Brian knows everything he needs to do to survive, but he doesn't know how to do all of it. So he continues to do what he knows and makes some of the stuff up on the way that actually ends up turning out positive. Brian Robenson learned that you should always be prepared for any circumstance and be informed on any safety precautions that may
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