Hatchet Vs A Cry In The Wild

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Hatchet, the book, did a better job at telling the story than “A Cry in the Wild”. In my opinion, Hatchet did a better job at telling the story because it gives you more details. In Hatchet they use a lot of imagery. You can actually imagine what they are talking about without actually seeing it. In both, Hatchet and “A Cry in the Wild” they use foreshadowing. For example, when Brian saw sparks in the book and the movie, he had and idea about making a fire. On page 81 it states in the book,” He swung harder, held the hatchet so it would hit a long, sliding blow, and the black rock exploded into fire. Sparks flew so heavily that heavily that several of them skittered and jumped on the sand beneath the rock and smiled a struck again and again.
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