Hatching Egg Short Story

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I can hear the sounds of happy screams filling the warm Florida air. As we arrived in the Jurassic Park area of Universal Studios, we decide that we should find a building to get away from the blazing sun. “Where should we go?” I ask my group. “It looks like there is a building around this corner,” Emily tells us while looking at the small map she pick up at the entrance. We all gather around her looking at the tiny image of a building. “Let’s check it out before I start melting,” Madisyn jokingly says. We all laugh thinking the same thing. Fighting through the swarm of people, we arrive outside of the building. “I know this building,” I secretly think to myself. All of a sudden the thought hit me like a truck going eighty miles per hour.…show more content…
“Sure is Jaz, and they have activities we can play with downstairs too,” I excitedly tell her. Approaching the bottom of the stairs, my eyes roam around the spacious room. Immediately I spot the glowing incubator. I swiftly walk over to look for a possible hatching egg. Looking at all of the the humongous eggs, sadly none show signs of hatching. Wanting to see a dinosaur hatch from an egg, I nervously ask my group, “Can we stay here for a while?” “I don’t care. I think staying in here for a while can help us cool down from the heat. Is everyone alright with that?” Emily asks us. Everyone agrees, allowing a chance for me to finally see a dinosaur hatch. Wanting to stay by the eggs, I walk over to where you have to figure out what dinosaur is in an egg. Messing around with that for a little bit, I look back at the incubator right beside me. “One of the eggs is hatching!” I exclaim. The ostrich size egg with small cracks gave me joy. “Maybe I can see what dinosaur is in it,” I think to myself. I look for my group to tell them about the egg hatching. “What happens when it hatches?” Madisyn asks. “When a dinosaur hatches, the worker that is in charge of the eggs will let someone choose a name for the dinosaur,” I passionately told…show more content…
We all gather around the glass wall that keeps us away from the eggs. We wait patiently, staring at the egg. Kids start to gather at around us like a herd of sheep. The cracks on the egg finally reveal a small baby dinosaur. Suddenly a worker comes by, and she announces, “Hello everyone, it seems like we have a new dinosaur to add to our park. Since you guys are here to witness this extraordinary hatching, would anyone like to name our new velociraptor?” I raise my hand like my life depends on it. Looking around, I start to notice that I’m the only one with a hand raised. “There are a bunch of little kids here, why are they not raising their hands?” I think. “How about the girl in the pink shirt? What would you like to name

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