Hate And Judging People In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Have you ever tried to fight to protect your sister or cousin from a bad guy who is judging her by her looks? This is what happens in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Hate and judging people is still around today just like it was in Romeo and Juliet. Hate is the worst thing that everyone will have to deal with at one point in their life. For example in the play, Tybalt, talks about the family feud while at dinner and he can tell Romeo is a Montague. Today people could realize that someone they don’t like showed up at the party and want them to leave. Also Tybalt says to Romeo, “Boy. Your words can’t excuse the harm you’ve done to me. So now turn and draw your sword.” People today can’t forgive people for what they’ve done in the past. They
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