Hate And Propaganda

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Fear can be spread through propaganda which lead to power. Later, that fear can later fuel the need for both hate and propaganda. Some historical events that we know of had certain elements that followed along towards anti-Semitism or a silent majority. Like the war for anti-slavery rights for African American slaves. Before all the fighting, slaves were mistreated and tortured that made many of them fear for their lives.
As for that, all that hatred and greed that fueled the wealthy in the South, their power allowed them to do whatever they wanted. To sum up, different things happened to the slaves that the wealthy can do. Instead, what about an event that had happened in history that lead towards racial discrimination that also had
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During the Holocaust, certain events followed that builds up the suspense that affected the Jews. For example, the Night of the Broken Glass is an example of the beginning of the extermination of the Jews along with their homes and valuables raided by the Nazi’s. As Hitler came into presidency, he took away Jewish rights called the Nuremberg laws that made the Jews both powerless and vulnerable to society. To follow along that, when Hitler was still running for president, his strategy involved helping Germany through its problems through hope that manipulated others as if it was to good to be true. As the Holocaust heavily affected the Jews, a political power had to come into place that followed along taking away Jewish…show more content…
As tension grows along around the Nuremberg laws, different ways of propaganda are being used from the Nazi’s to grow more difficulty towards the Jews. It’s an an advantage to push out more hate and fear,in other words it’s an advantage to the Nazi’s. It also relies on false evidence or lies as it mostly was used a lot against the Jews from them being told as being aliens, demons, all sorts of lies to convince the German society that they were monsters, as they told enough lies,” Man is not what he think he is, he is what he hides”, Propaganda is basically a “welcome mat” towards the Jews, as the new laws take place, it established the silent-majority to leave them out of society. It just about to show hate, fear, propaganda, and other elements were took into play to the Holocaust to display a potential to destroy and to end the Jews as we know it, even though it was prevented of the destruction of a religious ethnicity, it could have ultimately end a race in humankind as we know it as one man can do it all through the support of an army and a
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