Hate Crime In America

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The overall experience of the LGBTQ community in America has been a horrific experience for the past 300 plus years. Individuals who share same sex interest were oppressed, discriminated, brutalized, experimented on, and killed due to their alternative lifestyle(s). Elze (2006) confirms these allegations by mentioning...

“Since colonial times… people who love and sexually desire those of the same sex, have been imprisoned, executed, witch hunted, pilloried, confined in asylums, fired, excommunicated, disinherited, evicted, extorted, entrapped, censored, declared mentally ill, drugged, and subjected to castration, hormone injections, clitoridectomy, hysterectomy, ovariectomy, lobotomy, psychanalysis, and aversive therapies” (p.43).

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In 2009, the Hate Crime Protection Act was passed for the federal government to provide state and local authorities grants and assistance to investigate and charge individuals for hate crimes (Human Rights Campaign,a). The Hate Crime Prevention act include hate crimes involving sexual orientation and gender identity (Human Rights Campaign,a). However, violent hate crime continues to increase in the LGBTQ community (Kirst- Ashman, 2014). LGBTQ youth experience abuse and harassment from their peers, teachers, and parents about their sexual preference (Harper & Schneider, 2003). Research by Harper & Schneider (2003)…show more content…
When it comes to buying or renting a house they go through a more complicated process than a heterosexual couple and there is not a federal law in place to prevent it (Human Rights Campaign,b). Some challenges are when buying or selling a home they have to pay more in taxes, discriminated when shopping for a home, they cannot put their partner 's name on the lease or homeowner’s insurance policy (Human Rights Campaign,b). The human rights campaign states,

“…Couples have been discriminated against when shopping for a home. Others have been told they cannot put both partners ' names on a homeowner 's insurance policy, which is important to do if both partners share ownership of the home. And still other couples have been discriminated against when filing a claim as some insurance companies have attempted to refuse claims or cancel policies on the grounds that the owners are "unrelated"” (Human Rights Campaign,b).

However, this is only implemented in some states, there are 17 states that implement the Fair Housing Act (Human Rights
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