Hate Crime In Moises Kaufman's The Laramie Project

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In Moises Kaufman’s play The Laramie Project , a group of people travel to Laramie, Wyoming to conduct interviews about Matthew Shepard’s horrible death. The problem is that these people all go into Laramie assuming this murder was a hate crime, therefore they are very biased in the way they assume Aaron McKinney and Russel Henderson killed Shepard because he was gay. By doing this they stayed away from the problems that Shepard had, such as prostitution and Methamphetamine. Later, Stephen Jimenez goes and conducts interviews as-well, but he doesn’t shy away from the truth. Shepard was not murdered because he was a homosexual, and McKinney and Henderson were not motivated by “hate”. A hate crime is defined as a “ crime committed because of
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