Causes Of Hate Crimes

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When thinking about hate crime the first aspect that would come to mind is violence against an individual or group based on the color of their skin. The most common crimes being between blacks and whites. However, there are many other factors that can subject one to becoming a victim of a hate crime. Most of the prosecutors committing hate crimes feel they are just doing God 's work by mocking the victim for who they are and justify their actions by saying what the victims are doing is wrong according to their God. Hate crimes have occurred dating back to the Nazis and Jews, blacks and whites, Muslims, and still happen to this day to many more. Hate crimes are primarily intended towards certain religious groups deriving from…show more content…
These innocent Muslims from London went to their holy mosque just to be met by the man that would attempt to kill them solely because of their religion. An article called, “Teens are Often hated recruits” by Tamara Koehler and Tom Kisken, establish the idea that, “the most religiously motivated hate crimes are acts of vandalism, and personal attacks are directed against Muslims” (Koehler 2). The question is why Muslims suffer from so many hate crimes? Muslims are blamed for immigration crisis in many countries because it’s another group that the whites have to compete against and are considered a threat. Muslims are also to blame for bringing terrorism to America and have gained so much power that they put fear in the citizens of victimized countries (Moore 1). The measure that criminals go to commit hate crimes is just devastating and harsh. These kinds of violence cause harm and strike fear in people not only in London but also places hearing of these horrific events. Nobody wants to be harassed or attacked for something that certain individuals in their culture did, and be stereotyped as that one…show more content…
This type of belief of dominance could be pursued due to religion because if you believe in yourself or some type of God, the idea is present. Many groups that are anti-Jew or anti-Muslim for example, have ideas that they are grand, and that they need to remind the Jews and Muslims what their place is in society. Religion comes in many forms and each form has different viewpoints on life and towards other people. Each belief is different from another one and each can be just as scary as the other. Because there are so many religions there are different faiths and each faith has their own perspectives on how they view others. Religion is a strong persuader to almost anything and it can be transcended into helping or hurting others. For many hate groups, religion is a strong enough motivation to hate and even kill others. It’s not okay for Jewish and0 Muslim people to live in panic in a country like the United States where you have the freedom. If hate crimes don’t diminish or decline the results can only increase and endure to oppress minorities like Jews and Muslims for many generations to come. Societies with those views of oppression will only continue to pass that hate to their
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