Hate Crimes Against Muslims Essay

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After the 9/11 attack it started to become a rougher life for Muslims in America during this time we saw a 1,700 percent increase of hate crime against Muslim Americans, Many a Muslim groups began to be formed such as American- Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Council of American Islamic Relations. To help Muslims who are going through the pain of being hated, and are under raciest disputes. This was just a time raged by emotion, and a chance to blame it on somebody and that somebody was the innocent American Muslims.
During this time the American people were hurt, and they wanted somebody that they could pin it on so they would take out their frustrations on the Muslims who have no control over what happened, this is because the American people were scared, they were scared that it was going to happen to them, people started to become more protective, they started to not want to go outside. But this is no excuses for the treatment towards the innocent, Muslim women sometimes would have to stay inside to avoid harassment, the world just changed for a small community of people who had nothing to do with it.
This situation is a lot like those of the past this is very similar to how the Germans were treated, racial slurs, not wanting to leave their house, hate crime against them, during this time the actions taken
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This was not the same for Germans Americans at the start, the Vandalism, the brutality, it did not stop the killings, innocent men being hung in the middle of the night, and this all took place during ww1, just because these people look the
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