Hate Crimes Are Not Justifiable Essay

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-Hate crimes, are not justifiable the reason why is because they’re, ‘bias.’ The definition of a ‘Hate Crime’ on page 604 is defined as “a bias related crime, committed against an individual that is motivated by bias regarding race, color, religion, disability, and sexual orientation.” Committing a crime just because of the color, sexuality, religion, or disability of a person isn’t justifiable. The reason why it’s not justifiable is because, the person committing the hate crime wouldn’t want someone else, to commit such an act towards themself. Through the events of history, blacks and whites were lynched, but blacks were primarily victims of lynching. On page 606, ‘Calling Nooses What They Are – Terrorism’ George Curry makes a history reference, stating: “Statistics compiled by the NAACP in 1921, the 3,224 lynching’s in the U.S between 1889 – 1918, 2,522 were of black people.” This shows that a small percentile of white men, were lynched compared to black men. This is a prime example, of a hate crime, which was directed towards black people, based on hatred and racism. The discriminatory part of America, would say the judicial system is fair to everyone, “the land of the free.” Which I firmly believe is not true, because throughout history, the judicial system has been inconsiderate towards blacks. For instance, take heed of the…show more content…
“Mississippi, March 31 – Jeff Brown was lynched by a mob Saturday afternoon. Brown was walking down the street near the car tracks and saw a moving freight train; He started to run to board the moving train. On the sidewalk was the daughter of a white farmer Brown accidentally bumped. The gang quickly ran after him, and Brown was beaten into insensibility and then hung to a tree. The sheriff has made no attempt to find out whom the members of the mob were. Picture cards of the body are being sold on the streets at five cents

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