Hate In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Theme is a universal truth. Shakespeare took two families’ hate toward each other ending in the death of their children and having this hate affect the entire community to point out in the tragedy in Romeo and Juliet, that hate, in any form, is destructive. For example, bigotry, or hating people who are different, has a profound effect on how we interact and communicate, as well as how laws are written and enforced. The emotion of hate will never have positive endings. That is what Shakespeare was pointing out, that hate, in any form, only leads to waste and destruction. In Act 1 Shakespeare introduces the theme of hatred and violence when the Capulet servants start a fight with the Montague servants. The hatred or animosity between…show more content…
Tybalt challenges Romeo to a fight, Romeo refuses. Mercuito steps in a accepts the challenge for himself. Tybalt and Mercito were just having fun in the beginning, but then it got serious. So serious, this playful fight ended to Mercitos death. Romeo was upset about this and he goes after Tybalt seeking vengeance. He kills Tybalt and the Prince banishes Romeo from Verona. The theme continues as more waste is brought about by the original hate. Lord Capulet tells his daughter (Juliet) that she will be marrying Paris. Juliet is already married to Romeo. Juliet goes and seeks help from Friar Laurence. He's plan, is to give Juliet a sleeping potion, that will make her seem dead and a letter will be sent to Romeo to tell him she is not dead and to meet her in the tomb. The letter was never given to Romeo. In Act 5 Romeo hears the news about Juliet’s death from his servant. Romeo goes to her tomb and sees Paris there. Romeo and Paris get into a fight and Romeo kills Paris. Romeo sees Juliet there “dead.” Romeo then takes his own life with poison. Juliet wakes up and sees her husband is dead, so she takes a dagger and takes her own life as well. The full theme is realized as the two young lovers kill themselves because of the hate that has now destroyed their love, thus wasting two
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