Hate List Book Report

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Book Critique
Title of Book: Hate List
Author: Jennifer Brown

The “Hate List” by Jennifer Brown is a book about a girl named Valerie Leftman who returns back to Garvin High School, after her boyfriend Nick Levil opened fire on their school cafeteria. Valerie and Nick had made a hate list earlier, which helped Nick pick his targets. Valerie feels much guilt when she returns and has to face many obstacles. Her life has shifted after the incident. Valerie must face complications with her family, old friends, and the girl whose life she saved. Can Valerie survive her senior year of High School and let go of the past?
I think that the “Hate List” was an outstanding book. I thought the book had a fantastic plot which made the book have many great themes to learn from and also caused the book to get very intense at some moments. Also, the book had many interesting characters with all different stories and backgrounds to help enhance the story. Throughout the book you would be cheering for Valerie and you would never want to put the book down. The setting was well thought out because it hit hard for Valerie. One day everything was
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Such as, you don’t have to face things alone, which is shown in the book when Valerie gets support from friends and Dr. Heiler. Also, that bullying can really affect someone, which is also shown in the book because bullying lead to the hate list. Lastly, forgiveness is key when living your life, which is shown throughout the whole book by Valerie because she must overcome the guilt she has. I would rate this book a for sure 10/10. This book is definitely on the list of the top books I have ever read, but my all time favorite book is “The Fault In Our Stars”, and “Hate List” comes very close to it. Both of these books are pretty sad books, where the character must find themselves, and it takes the reader for a ride into the character 's

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