Hate Of Beauty Toni Morrison Racism

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Fighting the Hate of Beauty Toni Morrison is an author who loves to write about black experiences. She published her first book in 1970 were racism was still a big topic. In her novel she like to give people an idea of what the daily struggle it is to be an African American. Morrison is one of the best authors that portrays a struggle in society because she is never scared to write the truth. Some of Morrison works are very vivid to really illustrate the whole picture she paints through the novel. This trend to give a reality check on what 's really going on and what is the real problem. Toni Morrison has heard stories her entire life of the struggle of being an African American and made it her mission to show the whole world the full truth…show more content…
Morrison Finished the novel bluest eye in 1970, which made her become one of the greatest African american author in the postmodernist literary period. Postmodernism began in 1945 and still is present today. Postmodernism is all about reading in between the lines. Authors now started to use different techniques to say a specific thing without actually saying it. Authors made their writing more metafiction as to where they knew that what they were writing was truly fiction. Many postmodernist authors wrote about ideas that were already written. This gave them the opportunity to take that idea and put their own twist to it. Postmodernism had a central theme that the world was about to get them. “As the world entered a new era of mass communication and technology (i.e., "technoculture"), writers started tapping into the theme of technology going into, um, overdrive and people being left powerless under its reign”(Shmoop Editorial Team). The authors use fragmentation to make playful text to reflect the chaos in the world. Postmodernism came about after world war 2 because they were shaken up about all the sadness in the world and wanted to change the way they…show more content…
In ohio the school board president Debbie tehar does not like her students reading the bluest eye. “The Bluest Eye, Morrison’s first novel, should not be included on a suggested reading list for Ohio high-school students because it is totally inappropriate”(Johnson, Dispatch). Terhar Believed that the book is to vivid and way to harsh for highschool students to read. Though Terhar didn 't want students reading The Bluest Eye other board members encouraged it. “ Mark Smith, president of Ohio Christian University, who said he is very concerned about such books, because they are “quite divisive, and the benefit educationally is questionable at the
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