The Power Of Speech In Norman Mailer's The Time Of Her Time

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separated from her historical context. It could be viewed as one who was living invisibly finally uses her voice and becomes seen, or one who started to speak up, but became silent again (48). As Bollobás argues, the question in this matter is Janie’s outbreak of her situation, her female subjectivity out of the realm of oppression, by killing the abusive Joe’s pride by applying hate speech as well (48-49). According to Bollobás, in a way hate speech for Joes was beneficial for Janie to stand up for herself. I am convinced that it could be a possible way to get rid of a verbally abusive relationship, to speak up when the abuse actually occurs. Janie becomes aware of her word power, she has then the ability to remain quiet as well because she does not want to abuse the authority that is presupposed in the felicitous speech act as the authors says (49). Moving to the third literary piece, Bollobás again discusses the destructive power of speech in Norman Mailer’s “The Time of Her Time”. This work, as Bollobás states, was written at the time of sexual liberation for women too, was a revolutionary one in presenting the female orgasm (49). However, it is viewed today as a representation of male sexual violence, with an Irish protagonist named Sergius O’Shaughnessy, a passionate bullfighter teacher, who claims himself…show more content…
In Denise’s case they shock her and it leads to a quick female orgasm (49). In this case "You dirty little Jew" serves as a therapy as well, not only as a verbal assault. How come that hate speech can have positive effects as well? Bollobás explains that by saying this strong sentence, the bullfighter even unconsciously, but released the Jewish girl from past traumas, but made her suffer (also from anal penetration) and from the subordination that his humiliating verbal assault evoked

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