Lack Of Freedom Of Speech In Schools

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Freedom of speech has always been a controversial topic. Bringing up the question of since people have freedom of speech does that give them the right to use hate speech. No, freedom of speech does not give anyone the right to use hate speech. Hate speech is used to put others down or to literally ‘hate’ on a subject or idea. Why in society should we be putting anyone down, just because we do not agree with them? The thing is we should not stifle their creativity and rights, only because they do not have the same life as you and will never have the exact same mindset on beliefs and life. Hate speech is interfering with others rights, trying to make everyone the same, and not accomplishing anything. Hate speech interferes with another right of ours; the pursuit of…show more content…
How often do the people that are attacked by this hate speech care about what they have to say? Some just shrug it off, but others can be hurt by this. ”According to one study, students (ages 12-18) who reported having been a target of hate speech were 1.5 times more likely than other students to report being nonviolently victimized, and 3.1 times more likely to report being violently victimized while at school.” ( Hate speech is a way to vent and try to tell people that they are different than them and that is the worst thing in the world. When asked Saumya said “It’s abuse of free speech, since you’re just bashing someone else.” Using your freedom of speech to hit on theirs is a abuse of free speech. In reality, though what is actually being accomplished, besides trying to deteriorate others soul and being in such a provisional way. Hurting others because you think how they are is not right is a ridiculous way of thinking in this day and age. Using hate has not resolved any issues and sure is not making anyone believe that they are any more wrong in their

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