Hatred Definition Essay

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Hatred, as harsh a subject as they come, is a present force in my own little hometown community. Hatred increases and feeds on the fact that others are different from us, and without positive interactions with such people, a perfect breeding ground allows for hatred to thrive.
Small town mentality breeds racial and biased opinions which may lead to hateful ideations. Without firsthand experience with others who are different, opinions may be based on preconceived notions and/or items view or heard in the media. We may be unable to accurately judge people simply because they are different from us. Simply growing up in a small home town, where my graduating high school class was populated by a 100% white population, allowed for learning to
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Especially when opinions are based upon slanted new media or actual stories highlighted by violence and crime. For instance, there are no Muslim Americans in my small hometown, so after September 11, 2001, all persons of Muslim ethnicity were labeled as terrorists, and feared. It is important to note there has been a racial intolerance in my hometown for quite some time. My father, a collector of local antique postcards and pictures, stunned us with his latest auction purchase. Amongst the beautiful, nostalgic pictures were a few that were reminiscent of pure hatred: a group of Ku Klux Klansmen parading down the center of the town. They are pictured demonstrating in the street with torches in their…show more content…
A couple of these legal documents include: The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. These laws do not rid of racism completely because the people have the first amendment. Our freedom of speech allows people to voice their opinions, in written expression (including social Media) and of course verbally therefore, allowing racism to exist in society today. Additionally, the justice system needs to continue to discipline and/or incarcerate those who commit acts of racial injustice to make a statement to those who think they are better than their fellow
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