Hatred In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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THE CHASM OF HATE Hatred acts as an all-consuming power that burns within a person and begs to be released. It rips the person apart from the inside out. When the final straw is eventually drawn, hate is the motive that spurs the darkest of actions. Hate stems from the desire and need for love and attention, but the inability to receive it. Thus, love can battle hate, but passion and drive must be present for either of these concepts to exist. They are simply emotions, which can be controlled. They are not ideas that must destroy a person, and they only do so when that person does not fight back. In her novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelley portrays how hate can force itself into every aspect of life and consume a person when not managed…show more content…
The Creature is thrust into a culture that he is unfamiliar with and forced into exile without ever having the opportunity to present his true self. Early in his life, the Creature realizes his place in society. He is despised by everyone he comes into contact with, causing him unending misery in his already unhappy life (86). Each human he encounters flees from him in fear, no matter how kind and compassionate he strives to be. Just like a child, the Creature must try and fail several times before he can ever have hopes of thriving. When one path does not work, he conjures up a new path to continue trying to gain acceptance, which is his definition of success. To obtain this goal, he experiments with hate, as his acts of love are not effective in gaining that acceptance (133). He sees no reason as to why he cannot hate those who hated him first (87). The being watches the effects that his physique has on humans and begins to question who and what he is. He thinks he is unworthy and not good enough for the world (108). His final hope in the world lays with the De Lacey family. When the Creature tries to introduce himself to the family, he is run off by Felix, cutting off his only connection to the world and sealing his hatred for humanity
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