Hatred In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby Essay
Kathryn Schulz, a book critic for the New York journal, portrays great hatred towards The Great Gatsby. She has many negative claims that she expresses in an article she wrote about The Great Gatsby. To contrast Schulz, one could believe that the novel deserves to be alleged as one of the greatest books in American literature. However, Schulz makes a valid argument for why the book shouldn’t get all the grandeur it’s credited with. Her dispute is the lack of human emotion that is depicted between the characters in the novel. She attempts to declare the Great Gatsby as a novel lacking in affection. Although Schulz makes a credible point, there can be an argument regarding emotions of characters being present in the novel.
First, Schulz attacks Fitzgerald by saying, “The Great Gatsby with human emotion than any book with comparable fame that I can think of.” With speculations, Schulz misses most of the emotions presented to us from each character. Nick, for example, is the narrator of the story, and can be described in Schulz’s article as one who “never admits to collusion with or seduction by all the fabulous depravity around him.” With this quote, Schulz tries to explain to us
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Schulz’s first major argument is the lack of emotion in the novel. This dispute is declared false with evidence such as Nick Carraway’s relationship with Jordan Baker. There is a lot of affection that is displayed between these characters, that help prove Schulz wrong. Also, Schulz claims the book to be too unrealistic regarding “human struggles.” What Schulz did not understand is that Fitzgerald purposely wrote the book to emphasize the “Great” in The Great Gatsby. The achievements and luxuries of the book are to be depicted, more than the strife of characters. To wrap it all up, Schulz’ attempt to put down The Great Gatsby was denied through evidence in the novel and the diction of
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