Hatshepsut: The Most Influential Ancient People

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It will be very beneficial, thought Hatshepsut. I shall have the trade expanded to the neighboring areas. When she did this, Hatshepsut had done the greatest deed for her people and her country. There are many influential people of ancient times. In my perspective, the most influential ancient people are Hatshepsut, Archimedes, and Plato. The first person I chose was Hatshepsut, and she was important in many ways, but I only chose two of her greatest achievements. The Egyptian trading system was very inclosed, until Hatshepsut came around. She majorly expanded the trade system, which did a great deal of benefit to the country. The giant red obelisks at the Temple of Amon, were build due to her too. They are beautiful and are still standing to this day. The second person I chose was Archimedes. He too, had many outstanding achievements and features, but I’m only highlighting two important things. He had created some of the first and most famous simple machines; the pulley, lever, and fulcrum. They are actually still used today, and they are amazing inventions for his time. He was one of the most intelligent people of the ancient world. He had many ideas that are still admired and even used in the modern world.
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