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Hatshepsut was the third female pharaoh in egyptian history, and she was considered to be the greatest female pharaoh ever. If she was the best, why was she erased from history? Why was she a pharaoh? Why did she die? This is her story. Hatshepsut was born into a fortunate family, and didn’t live a very hard life. Her father was the king Thutmose I, who had no royal blood. Instead he earned being king. He was a general in the army, one of the best, and the pharaoh at the time Amenhotep I had no sons. Amenhotep believed that Thutmose was a very intelligent and powerful, he thought that he was a perfect fit for pharaoh, so he became pharaoh. He was wed to Ahmose, and she only gave birth to girls. The names of the girls were Hatshepsut, and Nefrubity. Instead of making one of the girls the pharaoh, he made his other son (that he didn’t have with Ahmose), Thutmose ii. Hatshepsut later married Thutmose ii, but she wasn’t his only wife. Thutmose ii was married to Iset and had a child named Thutmose iii. Thutmose…show more content…
Hatshepsut became pharaoh in the year 1473. Her rule was during the time of the new kingdom. The new kingdom was through the years 1550-1069 BC. Hatshepsut lived in the time of the eighteenth dynasty, which lasted through the years 1550-1295 BC. She became co-pharaoh with her late husband’s son Thutmose iii. Thutmose did not enjoy the fact that she was ruling alongside him. He thought that she was awful, and thought that he was the only one that deserved to be king. Though they were co-rulers, everyone looked to Hatshepsut when a problem came up because she was much more suited to be pharaoh. Hatshepsut’s rule was a tranquil time. It was a time of little war, and mostly trade. There was only one military campaign in the time of her rule. During that time, Hatshepsut was a general. The military campaign was successful, and her rule went back to being peaceful. Hatshepsut was a very good ruler who kept her time
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