Hatshepsut's Accomplishments

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Hatshepsut Hatshepsut was a great ruler who lived in ancient Egypt during the eighteenth dynasty. Her reign brought good things to Egypt as a whole, and she was loved by many. Her rule was not just filled with good things for Egypt as a whole, but it was a time of progression to for women. Women were able to look up to a woman who was the major figure of the Egyptian society. She would later declare herself as king, in order to be able to let the people know what kind of rule she would be doing. She had many accomplishments while being a leader, and when she died, all of her accomplishments seemed to be erased because of Thutmose III. He tried to erase her legacy from Egyptian history, but did not completely do so. Overall, Hatshepsut’s reign…show more content…
During his rule, he seemingly wanted to get rid of all evidence of her rule, and so many things he did was reversing the great accomplishments of Hatshepsut. So some can argue that the decision to get send Thutmose III to the military ended up damaging Hatshepsut’s legacy. Due to Thutmose III destroying many things of Hatshepsut’s, historians find it hard to find a lot of information about her. Overall, Hatshepsut’s rule can be seen as an anomaly. This is because of the fact that what she was able to do during her reign is fantastic, and because she took rule, women were seen to have a bigger role in society. Although Hatshepsut took over attributes associated with men, she was still seen as a woman, and would defy all odds and actually benefit Egypt. Says a lot about how women were treated and seen during this time period. In conclusion, Hatshepsut was a great ruler, and would defy all odds being a woman. Her accomplishments during her rule were great, especially opening up trade routes and making expeditions to places such as Punt. These decisions would make Egypt even stronger, and would help them in the long run. Although Thutmose III tried to destroy the legacy of Hatshepsut, people can look back on her and realize that as a woman, she was able to accomplish so
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