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Hattie Big Sky Hattie Big Sky is about a sixteen year old girl who receives a letter from her late uncle that says that he has a homestead in Minnesota for her. Hattie agrees to move so she can finally stop being Hattie Here-and-There, and start being herself with a place she can finally call home. The anecdote is about what happens when she is living on the claim. Kirby Larson transcribed Hattie Big Sky, which Larson based off of her great-grandmother’s claim out west. Hattie has rough times in Montana, however, Hattie earns friends and gives it her all. One accuracy I found is that the American soldiers, in World War One, were called “doughboys” because of the large buttons on their uniforms. The nonfiction book, The War to End All Wars, states, “Americans...Popularly known as…“doughboys” (nicknamed for the shape of the large buttons on their uniforms,…show more content…
The War to End All Wars, states that, “Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the imperial throne of Austria-Hungary...An assassination...might lead to war between little Serbia and its powerful neighbor Austria...The archduke, shot in the neck, bled to death (Freedman 1, 2 and 4).” Another inaccuracy is that Hattie Big Sky is about homesteading during World War One, but The War to End All Wars does not mention anything about that at all. Hattie Big Sky states, “November 11, 1917...I do hereby leave Hattie Inez Brooks my claim and the house (Larson 8-9).” The last inaccuracy is that The War to End All Wars states how many deaths there was at the end of World War One, while Hattie Big Sky doesn’t mention it. The War to End All Wars states, “About 65 million men were mobilized to fight...more than half of those men became casualties: 8.5 million killed, 21 million wounded, nearly 8 million missing in action (MIA) or taken prisoner. In addition, an estimated 10 million civilians perished of war-related famine and disease (Freedman
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