Haunted Creek-Personal Narrative

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Growing up I remember leaving my grandmother’s house and going to a nearby creek. The creek was beautiful it had tadpoles and other tiny fish swimming around. It had the most vivid weed collection circling around it and, to me, it never screamed, dangerous! My grandma always told my sisters and I not to play in the creek. We wouldn’t listen to her instead we would travel with a group of friends into the creek. We knew, we were not supposed to be by the creek; but we would go every day with the same friends and the same curiosity. I will always remember the last time I went to the creek. I will remember it because it taught me a few lessons. First, it taught me that I cannot swim. Second, it taught me to always listen to grandma. Next, it taught me that whoopings hurt but they help direct others…show more content…
They never got whoopings. They could do what they wanted and just get yelled at, but they had to learn lessons a different way. They had to learn theirs from life. Life teaches some of the hardest lessons. I learned a lot from my mother but I think my hardest lesson came from life. Life had to teach me, that nothing is handed to you and you will not get any help, when you are on your own. It was the hardest lesson because life humbled me. It did not take long for life to throw me off my high horse. So, I know they had some very hard lessons as well. Moreover, a lot of people disagree with spanking their children. Spanking is now seen as abuse or neglect. When whooping your child, today, you must be careful. People who do not believe in whooping their kids may get offended when they see you doing it. A lot of parents feel that they do not have to whoop their kids for their children to act correct or learn a lesson. There have been some discipline precautions made for children. All parents have different styles of discipline but everyone should respect other parent’s
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