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Haunted Rooms of Battery Carriage House Charleston has a haunted house that is teeming with entities. The Battery Carriage Inn is a place where you can stay overnight and wake up to a ghost sitting beside you. As unbelievable as it sounds, many people have vouched for the existence of entities and strange happenings. In fact, it has been mentioned in many lists of haunted places and visitors and investigators have endless strange and chilling stories to share. Today, the main mansion is a private residence but there are guest rooms in the Carriage House rented out to anybody interested. Back in time, in 1843, a rich merchant built it. However, he never got a chance to enjoy life in his dream home as the civil War started soon afterwards. A canon as part of the city’s defense was parked just across the road. It made the man flee in panic. It was later purchased by a millionaire who sold it off again much later.…show more content…
When a hurricane brewed across the city, the house was in such a bad shape that renovating it became a humungous task. Some people believe that the arrival of the Hurricane Hugo or the massive renovation attempt might have aroused a few dormant spirits, because prior to 1992, there have not been any reports of ghosts or paranormal activity in this house. Two of the most common manifestations reported by many people and known to be seen in many rooms in the house are that of a slender, gentle ghost and the other, a broad-chested, tall male entity wearing a buttonless overcoat and with only the torso visible. While the ghosts have a reputation of appearing suddenly and scaring people in the rooms, they are viewed as harmless and never disturbed or harmed

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