Haunted House Summary

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INTRODUCTION An evil house, the kind of some people call haunted is like an undiscovered country waiting to be explored. Hill House has stood by itself for eighty years and might stand for eighty more. The walls standing straight, bricks neatly, floors firm and the doors sensibly closed; silence lay steadily against the wood and stone of Hill House, and whatever walked there, walked alone. The whole story is about four people who ventured to spend their summer in the Hill House: Dr. John Montague who has taken his degree in anthropology is a doctor of philosophy wants to analyze supernatural demonstrations. He rented Hill House for three months and expected to work upon the psychic disturbances in the house commonly known as “haunted”. He has…show more content…
Montague called his wife, and his wife decides to live in the most haunted room, i.e. the Nursery where the older Miss. Crain died. At that night Dr. Montague, Luke, Theodora and Eleanor were together in a room when their doors closed and the pounding sound started again and went towards the nursery. They somehow went there to see Mrs. Montague but she wasn’t there. Eleanor left the room, departed towards the library and started climbing the tower. The iron stairway was shaking and groaning with every step she was taking. She was holding the railing so tightly and walking bare feet step by step. She wasn’t even looking down. She could have died but Luke and others somehow saved…show more content…
Hugh Crain built the beautiful Hill House eighty years ago as a home for his wife and daughter in the most distinct part of New England which turned out to be a death spot for his whole family in people’s opinion. Members of his family died due to their own internal affairs. Their death made Hill House a scary place. The Haunting of Hill House tells the frightening saga of socially reserved Eleanor Vance, who went to Hill House to participate in a research engaging paranormal activities. But the scariness of Hill House doesn’t approach in the appearance of spirit or vampires. Instead, Eleanor and her other partners have to compete with the House itself—and with the experiences of people staying there—if they are to live their encounter with the spiteful
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