Haunted Places In India

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TOP 20 HAUNTED PLACES IN INDIA 1) BHANGARH FORT Source-Google It holds first position among all haunted places in India. It was featured in India TV itself where reporter do not dared to stay at night. It is located near alwar in Rajasthan. 2) GP BLOCK This scary place is located in Meerut and is known for its ghostly activities. Some people have claimed to perceive the four ghost in the place. 3) SHANIWARWADA FORT Source-Google This haunted place…show more content…
14) TOWERS OF SILENCE Source-Google Situated in Mumbai this is actually the cementry of Parsis. Who left the dead bodies in open for vulture to feed upon. 15) MALCHA MAHAL Source- yahoo This place is located in Delhi behind Buddha garden. People have said to beheld the supernatural activities. Since this place is important the government has given order to shoot anyone who enter the properties. 16) LAMB DEHAR MINES Source-Google This place is located in mussorie. After the death of too many labors in this scene people believe that this place is flooded by witches who often come from the hilltop at night for their prey. 17) MANSION RESIDENCY ROAD Source –Wikipedia The building is very ramshackle which adds the scarier element to this place. According to the nearby people this place is haunted by old lady which is often heard screaming and laughing. 18) SAVOY
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