Haunted To Relief Short Story

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Haunted to Relief When I was 12 I sat in my family’s typical maroon red soccer mom van. There were sports bags everywhere, graham crackers shoved in the cracks of the seats and the sound of my 3 little brothers screaming along to the radio. That day at school one of my friends told me they were going out with the guy everyone knew I had had a crush on for the longest time. I sat in the car that day not singing along with my little brothers like I normally would have. My blonde haired blue eyed mother turned to me in the car and said, “I don’t know what happened today. Just don’t let your boy problems take over your life.” I decided to take my moms advice that day and I am still friends with that girl today. I’ve actually decided to forgive…show more content…
Then I heard the door open to the bathroom and immediately wanted to crawl into a massive hole as I saw my blonde eye candy come into the bathroom to see if I was okay. He sat with me the rest of the night despite my feeble attempts to get him to go back out to the party. After that night we were inseparable. I went to school and then he came and stayed at my house or I stayed at his. Our friends would be shocked if they saw us apart, which was probably 3 times. We progressed at a way faster rate than your average relationship. Our families got along great and I couldn’t be anymore happy with the way my life was happening. I knew I could trust him with absolutely anything. Or at least I thought I could. The night before Easter there was a party and I went back to sleep at his house expecting him to come home when he was done. He never came home, and the only thing he has said to me since that night is that he wants his sweatshirt back. He had decided to get back together with his ex girlfriend Britney who used to work with me at Twin Peaks. Now wouldn’t you think, after winning the guy, you would just leave the poor girl that just got dumped alone? Not if you are
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