Haunter Of The Dark Analysis

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“The Haunter of the Dark” is about a man named Robert Blake whose diary has been discovered by the police after his death, yet is only quoted a few times in the end. In it he describes the events that happened to him in the time before his death. He writes about how he grew up fascinated of the view of Federal Hill across the town, particular-ly with a dark church there from which he senses some dark ethereal feelings. After be-ing restless for a long time he decides to pay it a visit asking the local Italians there about the church, yet they all react disturbed about his interest in the long-empty church which was the home of a weird sect before being closed. Nevertheless he decides to sneak into the church in which he finds a lot of old books, one of them being a record book in cipher, and, in the room beneath the steeple, a weird stone pillar on top he sees an asymmetrical box containing a shining Trapezohedron which gives him eerie cosmic visions. Blake also discovers a reporter´s skeleton with his notebook which talks about the “Haunter of the Dark”, a creature that cannot exist in light, and he immediately flees after reading it and sensing…show more content…
The protagonist of “The Haunter of the Dark” who is not the narrator is rather passive in the face of fear, yet this gives the story a nightmare-like feeling in which the events happen without much control of the character, the read-er, the dreamer; he basically tumbles into the danger and ends at a point of no return. The narrator, despite being a real person, is neither really present nor important for the story; his only use is partially distancing the reader from Blake and his feelings (though some are still represented due to the story being represented in a diary) while at the same time not giving the reader more information than necessary/available to himself. (Bur-leson, 1983,
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