Have Atheist Proved There Is No God Summary

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Have Atheists Proved There Is No God? By Thomas B. Warren, 7th pr. National Christian Press, Ramer, TN, 2004, 98 pp. The book, “Have Atheists Proved There Is No God?” by Thomas Warren is a product of the final chapter of his doctoral dissertation in Philosophy entitled “God and Evil: Does Judeo-Christian Theism Involve a Logical Contradiction?” (Pg. xii). The book begins with a survey of the attacks atheists launch against Christianity on the problem of evil. He includes excerpts of quotes from prominent antagonists to Christianity including; J. L. Mackie who stated in so many words that there is no rational proof for the existence of God because evil exist, David Hume who argues that the existence of a good God and existence of evil demonstrate a logical contradiction, and others from further back like Epicurus whose belief is like that of Mackie. The existence of evil and human suffering is perhaps the strongest argument atheists have brought froth to create some doubts in the minds of Christians, specifically those who are weak in knowledge because of lack of study. The atheists seek to exploit the existence of human suffering in the face of an Omni-benevolent God as a contradiction, and since human suffering exists then God must not exist. Indeed, this is a challenging subject and Brother Warren devoted this book to…show more content…
But he doesn’t just explain his propositions but also shows how Mackie’s propositions contradict themselves, “It should be noted that proposition W5 is the contradictory of proposition M5 (of Mackie) so that, if proposition W5 is established, proposition M5 will have been shown to be false. And, if proposition M5 is shown to be false, then Mackie’s case against Biblical theism has been shown unsound.” (Pg.
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