Essay On My Rights Violation

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Have my rights ever been violated? As I have progressed through my life, my rights have been upheld many times but there are some rights that I use on daily basis more. These rights are the ones that I have used the most throughout my life. The rights I use the most are the same rights that have never been violated that being: freedom of speech, the right to practice my religion, and the right to petition. These rights have not been violated and have led me to be an active citizen in my community. As with many Americans, the rights listed are some of the most important in defending the liberty of our nation and upholding the values that created our government. Speech may be one of the most integral rights in our nation. Citizens of the United States use it every day to voice their opinion without fear of being harmed by people or by the government. Many people in different nations don’t have this right and have to watch their speech and be fearful of what they may have to face if they voice their disagreements with their governments. Personally, I can say I use my voice every day. I use it online, in schools at my church and talking with my friends. I can never say that this right has been violated. Even when I was a little kid I knew that I could speak freely without fear of being reprimanded. While some may have not agree with…show more content…
This right has been upheld and unviolated as I have signed multiple petitions and participated for advertising for some. Countries such as China, North Korea, and other countries don’t have the right to petition. Without the right to petition, average citizens lack power to change policies and laws set forth by the government and other organisms. With the right to petition we have the power to root out corruption and prevent tyranny by showing that the majority does not support it through a
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