The Path Wale Soyikar Analysis

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Sounds strange, isn 't it? To ask if you 've ever felt like a fool before. Have you ever felt so disheartening with your heart splitting into pieces or shred into fragments over a situation you can 't explain how it came about? You see others do all the wrong things but have amazing results to show for it yet with all your goodness and apparels of integrity, there is no evidence to show you have the backing of providence. In sheer dubious belligerence, people tussle to succeed and do all within their jurisdiction to make a mark and engrave their names indelibly on the tablets of history while you, in sheer sincere benevolence coupled with altruistic kindness cannot boost of any renowned success. You
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The path Wale Soyinka followed was quite different from that of Achebe 's and Late Prof. Dora Akunyili 's. Whatever God has assigned for you has a particular path you need to follow to achieve it....the path could be wide or narrow, it could be rosy or filled with pain, it could be famous or outright shameful, it could be stricken with poverty or bound with affluence.... no one has the right to chose his / her path. I don 't have the right to choose mine, neither do you. Joseph being the favourite and most loved in the family wouldn 't have chosen slavery in Egypt if presented with a choice but God wanted to take the glory of turning a slave bound and forgotten in jail becoming a Prime Minister in a strange land. Left for Moses, he was comfortable as Pharaoh 's adopted Son, skilful in the mastery of Egyptian laws but a day came, he ran into the wilderness for safety and lived in the wilderness for 40 years before a Moses who can boldly stand before pharaoh immerged. 40 years of dwelling in wilderness prepared him for another 40 years of leading the Israelites out of Egypt through the wilderness. At age 17, David killed a Lion and a beer. These prepared him ahead. David never knew an uncircumcised Philistine would rise someday to torment Israel, neither did he know God has trained him using Lion and beer for futuristic…show more content…
Don 't measure someone 's level of success with that of their mate. The level of drilling, breaking, shrinking, mending and softening God gives one is directly proportional to the Mandate and ministry ( life purpose ) he wants one to venture into and achieve. Sometimes, He breaks every form of pride in a person and processes such individual just for him/her to acknowledge the supremacy of his elshaddainess. King Nebuchadnezzar had to be a beast for 7 years for him to acknowledge the place of God in his life. God is still breaking people using several methods, all for the purpose of perfecting that individual

I still reiterate my question....."Have you ever felt like a fool before?". Especially when you know you always stand for what is right, invest your very best in pursuing a particular endeavour but the outcome totally beat below your imagination. If you haven 't yet, I bless God for you. As for me, I 'm feeling like one as I write this....Am like one whose healing wound is injured afresh But my solace rests on the fact that in due time, "THE END DEFINITELY WILL JUSTIFY THE MEANS" because the Earth is of the Lord
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