Have Smartphones Destroyed A Generation Summary

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Jean M. Twenge asks the ultimate question in her article, “Have Smartphones destroyed a Generation?”, published in The Atlantic. Twenge states many observations she had made on this subject, with not many showing smartphones in the best light. While agreeing with the fact that cellphones are overused, is it possible to blame an object for single-handedly destroying a generation? Smartphones are used as a scapegoat for the much larger issue, people's lack of self control. These days it is hard not to notice smartphones everywhere. Eyes,of both young and old alike, fixated on to hand held computer screens. Toddlers watching cartoons in grocery stores, phones lighting up windshields with directions from google maps, students checking facebook and snapchat between, or even during classes. It amazing one device is capable of so many functions, but yet it seems we over used them. These hand-held mini computers connect us to people and information with just one tap of a touch screen.…show more content…
Living on the east coast and having family members on the west coast, smartphones make it convenient to stay in touch. It would be much more costly to visit multiple times a year then to send a quick photo or message to check in. But it is not just our family we are easily connected to. People have become accessible not only to friends and family, but work as well. In article, “My life without a smartphone”, by Ray Germano, he shares an experience of going through smartphone detoxification while on a trip to a museum with his family, “By mid afternoon, I started experiencing withdrawal symptoms, and like a true addict, I used my wife’s smartphone to check Gmail”. Germano also states that, “I was physically there, but my mind was focused on work that didn’t deserve my attention on a weekend”. We are busy being consumed by the need to read, respond and reply and missing out on time with our loved
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