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Escaping from aliens, like in the book Have Space Suit -Will Travel, and real-life scientists trying to control the weather have a couple similarities. They both have situations that can be solve with learning and innovation skills. These skills can be divided into creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, and communication and collaboration. These three learning and innovation skills, when used effectively, can lead to positive outcomes in difficult situations and problem solving. First, applying creativity and innovation means thinking of multiple ideas and testing them to help in any situation. While in aliens’ prison cell, which was a deep hole, Kip brainstormed ways to escape. Kip’s list consisted of jumping out, making a rope with his clothing, and even flooding the cell so he could float out. If Kip didn’t use brainstorming ideas on different ways to escape he might have rushed into something that could have left him in a more serious situation…show more content…
Kips and his friend, Peewee, collaborate together during their hike across the lunar surface, to escape the aliens. Through communication with each other they preserve enough air for them to survive the journey. Without communicating and collaborating Kip and Peewee could have died due to lack of air or exposure to the elements. Likewise, Scientists collaborate by publishing their research and findings, and holding international meetings about this topic. Meetings like these are critical for this field because they require such a wide array of talents – meteorologist, atmospheric physicists, electrical engineers, and others – who may not all be employed at the same institution (“Controlling Weather with Lasers”).. If scientists, researchers, and engineers around the world do not collaborate it would slow down development of this technology, and raise

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