Have Youth Sports Become Too Intense?

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Imagine you love playing sports but now the school is about to band all sports in you school, what would or could you do to stop this from happening? I have read some different types of articles based on is sports are good or bad. For example, I read the article name “Have Youth Sports Become Too Intense?” and in this article the issues of sports are good and it is bad are debated. Those that argue sports are too intense claim is bad, but the other point of view is that playing instance sports are good. Playing on sports team is positively impacting young people because sports teaches life skills, get better grades and people don't spend time doing unnecessary activity.Sports can impact us by getting better grades.According to O'Shei,…show more content…
ready for the world beyond school."In other words, playing sports on a sports team can teach you skills that help you in all area of your life . It teaches kids, determination and resilience. Additionally, it teaches you how not to be sore loser and be a gracious winner. Playing can help us stay away from unnecessary activity and make us stronger.According to Bolesta, "Students who are intensely involved in sports are less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol or join gangs." He also states, "Sports give kids a change to try and fail and keep playing..ignoring the teasing make kids better players and stronger people."In other words, if we play sports then we have less time to spend with unneeded occupation, which helps us become stronger players in life. Others might argue that practice might take away study and homework time.However study show that sports help you focus more in your studies. Playing sports in school or other places can benefit us in many different ways. For example, it helps us concentrate in our work. After reading 5 different articles in different points of view, I have learned that sports are beneficial in many ways that we should keep
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