Havoc Movie Analysis

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Havoc (2005) Perla Chavira University of Colorado Colorado Springs Havoc (2005) The movie, Havoc (2005), begins with several high school students socializing near the Pacific Coast. The main character, Allison Lang, gave her reasoning for why her and her group of friends are involved in crime. “We are totally freaken bored” stated Allison. All the teens in the film live in an affluent area of the hills. Allison’s parents are never at home and they leave her unattended for what seems like days. Being a “bored” teenager, with very little supervision, leads Allison and her friends into many instances of juvenile delinquency and Havoc (Kopple, 2005). Trouble began in East Los Angeles when they group of friends attempted to purchase heroin and coke. During the transaction, one kid was “ripped off” and ended up with a gun pointed at his head by a gang member, Hector. After this problematic encounter, the boys act as if they were not scared. Allison and several of the girls return to the East side to party downtown and in multiple occurrences they see Hector. Allison was arrested when she was caught in a sketchy neighborhood with gang members After this, her parents expressed disappointment, but she continued to wander over to Hector’s neighborhood (Kopple, 2005).…show more content…
In the textbook, Juvenile Delinquency in a Diverse Society, by Bates and Swan, the leading form of delinquency is the use of marijuana in juveniles, followed by underage drinking (Bates, 2018). This statistic was also present in a video by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA/NIH) (Abuse, 2018). These forms of delinquency were frequent in the film from the beginning, the teens were see drinking and smoking followed by attempting to purchase controlled substances such as cocaine (crack) and heroin (Kopple,
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