Hawai I Cultural Effects

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The missionaries were Protestants that brought Christian religion. They came from Boston and sailed to Hawai’i on the Thaddeus to teach Hawaiians to read the Bible and learn Christian religion. In order for this to happen, they had to teach the Hawaiians how to read. So, they invented a written Hawaiian language, started a school system, and provided a printed press. The missionary’s impact on Hawai’i was a more negative impact because they were a cause in deaths in Hawaiians and they changed the way Hawaiians lived unfavorably. A major argument is that Land Commission is a positive impact, however not for the Hawaiians. To begin with, the missionary’s was a more negative impact to Hawai’i because they caused the Hawaiians to die. The missionary’s brought diseases that killed the Hawaiian population. Missionary’s brought epidemic diseases such as leprosy, measles, and smallpox. This rapidly decreased…show more content…
One way Hawaiians were impacted negatively was their cultural beliefs. One cultural belief that they believed in was that marriage between family was not allowed and was sinful. In Hawai’i, this type of marriage was common. Marriage between family kept the sacred bloodline pure and preserve the mana of the gods. In the story, “Cultural Conflict The Story Of Princess Nahi’ena’ena”, on page 3 it says, “She missed Kauikeaouli...Their separation was painful to them both.” Princess Nahi’ena’ena and Kauikeaouli were siblings, but loved each other. However the missionary’s disagreed and separated them which was distressing. Also, in “The Story of Kauikeaouli: Kamehameha III”, it says, “Kauikeaouli tried to meet the needs and demand of the foreigners.” Their demands were difficult to follow because it was about things that Kauikeaouli has never done in Hawaii history. Missionaries in Hawaii were a more negative affect because they created and demanded things from the Hawaiians which changed their

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