The Imperialism Of Hawaii In The Film Act Of War

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After watching the film called ‘Act of War’, I again felt that countries’ do not stand for justice but only pursue their national interests. The reason why Hawaii was so desirable to the United States was the imperialistic characteristic that America had at that time. Even a small island or land is into the consideration of taking over. In detail, the Americans wanted to use the land as their military base and a strategic spot for expanding their imperialism to Asia. The fact that American continent was far away from Asian and European continent, made them realize that in order to empower their global power they need to first dominate the closest countries, even a small land that they consider it trivial. By taking over quickly, a lot of aspects of Hawaiian culture got distorted…show more content…
It only shows the surface of the artificial cultural image that completely ignores the essence and the truth, at the pain and loss of Native Hawaiians who are trying to live day by day to survive. From printed travel brochure to life full of excitement, tourism industry promotes the image and the practice of visitor oriented culture and rich peoples’ entertainment. Tourism development in Hawaii often takes place at the cost of a people’s cultural and historical symbols. Tourism expansion has played a significant role in the demolition of ancient Hawaiian burial sites, sacred places and important archaeological historic sites as well. In fact, almost every major resort complex has been built on culturally and historically important site. This insensitive approach and method of development in Hawaii leaves the local community departed from its own identity, showing that there is not a single respect and a mercy to the native people. What more clear evidence of cultural prostitution than the desecration and annihilation of very holly burial places of the
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