Hawaii Beach Vacation Essay

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When people think of an ideal island getaway, the first place that comes to everyone 's mind is Hawaii. Beautiful beaches, a warm tropical climate and a range of water and land sports are just some of the things you can enjoy in Hawaii. With all the attractions that are available, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of things to do. Your Hawaii trip can be that much more enjoyable if you know what 's out there and how to prepare.

Beach Beauties

A quick look through any guide of Hawaii beaches will quickly show you that sand, sun and surf are just some of the great attractions out there. There are a number of world-class beaches that can offer you different sight-seeing wonders. For example, the Salt Pond Beach Park in Hanapēpē, Kauai is also home to the only natural salt pond in Hawaii. During the summer season, visitors can watch Hawaiians make salt. Another famous beach called Shipwreck Beach in Lanai offers a world of interesting items such as spectacular natural views as well as the opportunity to see the abandoned hull of a World War II Liberty Ship.
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For turtle lovers, Hawaii offers the opportunity to see green sea turtles in a sanctuary at the Punaluu Black Sand Beach. While this place offers a great view into the world of green sea turtles, it does have unpredictable waves and a bad riptide so swimming and snorkeling should be done with care. For people interested in water sports, Poipu Beach Park is a better choice - it has all kinds of surfing as well as swimming, snorkeling and

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