Hawaii Culture Essay

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Hawaii When you think about Hawaii, what comes to mind?, bright flowers, sandy beaches,colorful surfboards, gleaming sun, blue ocean and VOLCANOES ? Not only is the “Aloha State” beautiful and full of adventure, they hold on to their culture’s traditions and values. Hawaii is full of beautiful nature. Hawaii is the only state that is composed entirely of islands,and he only island with their very own green rainforests at the Hamakua Coast . These aren 't the only things that make this tropical place so unique. We are going to explore Hawaii’s population, traditions, beliefs and culture and how they affect their health care system compared with our american values.…show more content…
Native Hawaiians base their culture on the morals of Polynesians. Hawaiian culture is a mixture of Western and Eastern Asian influences. They celebrate most of the same state holidays as pennsylvania with some additional holidays. King Kamehameha Day is on 11th of June ,Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day on 26th of March and Good Friday the friday of easter are all Hawaii 's National holiday. Kamehameha Day is a day to honor Hawaii 's first King. Prince Kuhio Day celebrates one of Hawaii 's most famous medical leaders. Good Friday Day is a christian holiday honoring the remembrance of the crucifixion of jesus. 61% of Native Hawaiian practice christianity while 30% practice Islam and 9% have unidentified religions. Original Native Hawaiians spoke creole due to the diversity of the island, today english is majority of the populations second language, some may speak asian or pidgin,which is a combination of english and creole. Americans and Native Hawaiians may share english as a way to communicate but these islanders are limited to write, read and understanding english in their schools. This can serve as a language barrier for an american nurse or doctor. Now lets talk about Hawaii 's neighborhood and
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