Hawaii Descriptive Essay

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I was in complete shock from when I was told I could chose a destination until the flight and hotels were paid for. I was still in shock when we were at the Portland airport about to board the plane. I remember being so tired because it was quite early but also thrilled at the same time. I remember walking down the jet-way just looking at Rylie; neither of us could stop smiling. I had to do everything to hold back from screaming in excitement. Then we boarded the plane.
It’s when we touched down in Oahu, Hawaii that I realized this was really happening we were really in Hawaii. The entire plane ride Rylie and I talked about the activities we wanted to do and what we wanted to see. This first stop was a huge one for me and we had little time to do everything we wanted to do. This trip was planned around Rylie and I and what we wanted to see first.
I remember the excitement overwhelmed my entire body when our captain came over the intercom and announced, “We will be over Hawaii in twenty minutes.” This is when it was really started to settle in. That entire twenty minutes I was so electrified, I just wanted to land. I remember flying over the islands and looking down to see the gorgeous light blue ocean, the green luscious trees and ponds and streams. But what I loved seeing was the beaches, flying over the entire island and see beaches wrapping around the entire thing. That’s when I knew, we were in Hawaii.
Our trip consisted of three different islands Oahu, Hawaii, and

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