Hawaii Persuasive Speech

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Have you ever wondered what activities you could do in Hawaii? Hawaii is considered to be the best place for vacations in the world. In Hawaii you could do a lot of things like going diving in a shallow 160ft water. You could even go fishing.Some companies offer shark encounters you could look at them inside a cage and the sharks come up and meet you. Their is also dolphin excursions and see the dolphins.You could also go on in adventure and discover new things and also you could go parachuting.Even whale watching, some boat tours if you are in the water you could go deeper to the with some scuba tanks, snorkeling,surfing.Their is more things you can do like golfing,beach hopping,hiking,helicopter tours all kinds of things. In Hawaii there is a bunch of fun things you can do!

Focus Question 2 Do you know who is Captain James Cook? He is the founder of Hawaii. It started in 1778 when Captain James Cook he became the first European to discover Hawaii. Captain James Cook becomes the first European to discover the Hawaiian Islands when he sails past the island of Oahu. Two days later ,he landed at Waimea on the
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Here is some information about what kind of destruction hit hawaii.It 's started in 1948 when their was a earthquake in chile it killed thousands of people.The earthquake caused a large displacement of water off the coast of southern chile at somewhere about 3:00pm. That displacement caused a tsunami to hit Hawaii and the damage cost about 1 million dollars worth.In 1960 there was another deadly tsunami that was going to hit Hawaii again warnings were issued to Hawaii six hours before the waves expected arrival.A lot of people ignored the warning but some people actually headed coast to view the wave.The tsunami was so powerful that some poeple reported that a 10 ton tractor was taken out and it also move 20 ton boulders!That is how much damage a tsunami could do to an island like
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