Hawaii Coming Home

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In the first part, the family is looking at a movie camera and is taking shelter from the rain showers. It is easter, and Grandmother is hiding the eggs, and Grandfather is keeping the children from going out to get the eggs whilst the adults are hiding them. When it’s time for the children to go out and search for the eggs, they burst through their Grandfather’s clutches and search for them with vigor. In the second part, it talks of Grandfather’s past and how he was a very poor boy in Korea. He ate quail eggs when he could find them from the mud near the river banks. When he got older, he immigrates to Hawaii to work in the sugarcane fields for eighteen years. He buys a home for himself, and now, in the present, he is surrounded by all his grandchildren. On easter, the speaker of the…show more content…
“Planting the eggs” means can be a metaphor for planting both the future of Hawaii and the grandchildren. Hawaii has just joined the States, and it expresses high hopes for the country’s future. There are expectations that although Hawaii is still a fledgling country now, it will eventually grow. The planting of the futures of the grandchildren is that they are the next generation, who will carry the family’s hopes on their shoulders as the successors of what Grandfather worked hard to achieve. The future is in their hands.
The second part deals with the past and how Grandfather worked to escape the poverty he had to deal with by immigrating. When Grandfather was a boy eggs were as rare as treasure, and valued as a source of food, almost priceless. In the present, eggs are common enough to be used a prize and doesn’t hold much worth compared to Grandfather’s days in Korea. It echoes the theme of family again, laboring to support them and the warmness they hold being surrounded by them, the fruits of his
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