Hawaii Vs Vacationing In Hawaii

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The Better Polynesian Island The first place most American vacationers think of when wanting to travel is to go to Hawaii rather than Samoa. Explorers want to relax on the Hawaiian beach, get some sun, and eat lots of delicious food. What most Americans don’t realize is that the U.S owns another beautiful island that has all that Hawaii offers, and more, Samoa. Hawaii is often seen as the ultimate paradise, but there’s a reason why American Samoa is the heart of Polynesia. Samoa is the better vacation destination than Hawaii because it is less Americanized, less modern, and less populated. Vacationing in Samoa is better than traveling to Hawaii because it is less Americanized. When going on vacation, one is most likely trying to step away…show more content…
In Hawaii, it is rare to see the traditional Hawaiian culture carried out. By contrast, Samoa is filled with amazing cultural traditions that are still practiced in every household. When vacationing in Hawaii I don’t get to experience any interesting traditions. Last time I was in Hawaii, my friends just shopped because there weren’t any other interesting activities to do. The most fun place in Hawaii is the Polynesian Cultural Center. At PCC there are a ton of Samoans presenting cultural traditions. While in Samoa, vacationers would be able to actually practice the traditions. Traditions such as at every Sabbath sunset, bells ring throughout the island. Everyone on the island must stop what they are doing and have evening worship. The best tradition of all is that men do all the cooking in Samoa. Whenever my family is in Samoa, my father and brothers are always doing the cooking. The guys in my family go out to catch and pick what our meals will be. On vacation in Hawaii, travelers experience the usual. In Samoa, travelers would get to experience new and entertaining…show more content…
Visiting the island of Hawaii, you are surrounded by tourist. There’s a ton of traffic and the beaches are always so crowded. In Samoa, it is the complete opposite. Samoa is so small that people can literally walk everywhere. There is only one road, and never any traffic. Plus, the beaches are amazing because they are never packed with tons of people. Travelers could easily have a beautiful cove to themselves. My senior trip to Hawaii would have been better if the island wasn’t such a tourist attraction. The beaches were always crawling with people. Also, driving places took, at least, an hour because of traffic. Last year, in Samoa, I would travel the whole length of the island in less than an hour. Along the coast of the island is where the main road is. Traffic was never a problem, plus I had an amazing view the entire drive. The beaches are sandy white with clear waters. My family never had a problem with finding an empty beach to have fun on. In Hawaii, there’s tons of traffic and packed beaches, but in Samoa, it is as if it was a personal private

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