Hawaiian Culture Research Paper

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Imagine a place where culture never existed, or a place where people didn’t know where they came from. For the residents of Hawai’i, preserving and carrying on the Hawaiian culture has been a big issue over the past many years. This is because of various events that have occurred both in Hawaii’s history and in modern day Hawai’i. For instance, according to the Waianae Book of Hawaiian Health, in 1804, the first Westerners came to the islands, introducing horrid and infectious diseases that spread rapidly and killed hundreds and thousands of people, causing a drastic decline in the Hawaiian population. This also consequently damaged part of the Hawaiian culture. While this is just one of the many problems that have affected the loss of Hawaiian culture, this essay will explain the various other aspects, from the history (when the problem…show more content…
For example, according to the article Polynesian Migrations, “Over the span of 800 years, Polynesians have explored over 16 million square miles of ocean and have settled in every habitable island in the Pacific. They brought their world view with them when they arrived in Hawai`i by voyaging on canoe from the southern Pacific (primarily the Marquesas), settling the islands circa 300-60.” This clearly proves how rich and special Hawaiian history is because without these people, Hawaiian culture would never have existed. These Polynesians were the creators of all Hawai’i, and to carry on all of the knowledge that they have brought with them such as, how to navigate, how to fish, how to make different medicines, and so much more is an honor and should be something that is respected and brought to people’s full attention, not forgotten. It’s these kinds of special moments in history that make an event such as this one worth
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