Hawaiian Culture

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In Polynesian culture there are 3 dramatic aspects of their society that are signicant, these are common more in Hawaiian culture that I will examine in my information report. These 3 aspects include the Hawaiian economy, the culture of the locals and the food consumed in the country. Hawaii is located west of the USA in the central pacific, although it is not joint with the United States it is governed by the US and is situated in North America, USA. There is no place on earth like Hawaii. Whether you're a new to the country or returning, the six unique islands offer distinct experiences that will astonish any traveller.

The sources suggest that Hawaii generates most of their revenue through service industries and the many major native products
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According too (3) ‘’, before the settlement of Polynesian voyagers in Hawaii around 300-500AD, very few edible plants existed on the islands, it is believed that the voyagers brought up to the 30 plants with them to Hawaii. In addition, a few examples of traditional Hawaiian dishes include Pork dishes and the use of tomatoes and chilli peppers. These items are commonly used when preparing banquets as guidance for the Portuguese who came to the islands. Although, the use of taro is common and used in the making of poi. This meaning that the traditional food consumed in Hawaii is a cross over between European, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, and Polynesian influences, all unique and in spite of this, native Hawaiians also consume a lot of local naturally grown products and delicacies including vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, seafood and beef. It is clear that Hawaii’s food is a major aspect to the country, which is similar to everything else in Hawaii, its cuisine is also categorised by variety, and this variety is what gives Hawaiian cuisine its unique characteristics and…show more content…
With the help of tourism Hawaii’s economy stands strong and is seen as one of the friendliest yet sustainable cities in the United States. The culture in Hawaii traditionally is very strong and is show through the form of celebrations and dances, which include the lūʻau and the hula etc. Food in Hawaii is mainly based on the traditional dishes and native produce, which has been consumed for many years and remains well common and a major source of food in Hawaii. To conclude, Hawaii is an extremely friendly and stable country which brings tourists back for more, the distinct activities and entertainment to do are endless and the 6 unique islands has incredible amounts of experiences to
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