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Do you ever wonder what happens to the animals in Hawaii that have been abused, or are stray? Well, most of those animals you have seen have gone to the Hawaiian Humane Society (HHS), a charitable group that started in 1897 with a woman named Helen Kinau Wilder. She started the group with her friends by gathering resources to hire their first officer to help animals. These animals have been rescued from terrible, reprehensible conditions no creature should be in. The Hawaiian Humane Society is a great way of helping animals because they rescue animals in danger, educates the public about animals, and has charity events to help the animals get forever families and homes.

The HHS helps countless animals from different, bad situations. They have had pets more than a couple miles away from their home to be reunited with their families and found loads of dogs living in such confined spaces in their own filth. The bunch of dogs found in their own filth was the Waimanalo Puppy Mill Case which was a case of inhumane treatment of the dogs there. They were some decomposing dead puppies and sick dogs there, the dogs were adopted when they were nursed back to health. There was also another case
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They give loads of information on their site and in events, they have made contests to create videos around schools to promote several ways to help animals like sterilizing your pets to assure the pet population won’t go up, microchipping your pet so you can find them if lost, not supporting puppy mills and animal cruelty, and much more friendly advice. They also have classes you can apply for to learn more about how to help animals. A group of my peers and some younger kids got the pleasure of asking questions to two animal officers, one of which with extensive experience and one new, and a veterinary technician. The Hawaiian Humane Society offers bountiful opportunities to learn about animals and how to help

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