Hawaiian Missionaries

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I am dearly sorry that I could not write to you for years, I have been on a ship going to the Hawaiian Islands to spread the Christian religion with the Hawaiians. The missionaries and I were also ecstatic to learn how to speak Hawaiian. Once we arrived, we did not know if we could stay, we had to seek permission from Liholiho to stay on the islands and to teach the Hawaiians. After several days Liholiho and the chiefs were finished talking it over and He said that we could stay for only one year. After finding this out we got all our stuff together and we started on our plans right away. All of us were positive that we could change the beliefs of the Hawaiians. During my time here we were trying very hard to convert the Hawaiians to Christianity,…show more content…
This cost the missionaries money for the material and the printing press, however at the same time we were making profit after printing newspapers. The Hawaiians and missionaries printed and sold bibles and newspapers. When we were teaching the Hawaiians how to read and write, they were all catching on quickly and they seemed excited to learn more about this. We started to make a written Hawaiian language so the Hawaiians would be able to write letters to each other in Hawaiian. After we started teaching them these skills, we noticed that they would be writing letters and reading the textbooks that we printed for them. Some of the Hawaiians started recording some information about birthdays and deaths or the different things we practiced. I very happy I got the opportunity to come to these beautiful islands because I got to experience new things, meet new people, and I got to share my beliefs with others. This whole operation went smoothly because we got things done quickly and we got many more people to change their old ways. I will be returning home soon in approximately five and a half months, until then I wish you the best of
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