Hawaiian Sovereignty Essay

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Sovereignty is having your own government and officials. All native tribes in America have sovereignty except for native Hawaiians. Native Hawaiians lost their sovereignty over 100 years ago when Queen Liliuokalani gave up her rule to businessmen and marines to avoid fighting and death. She did this thinking that Hawaiians would get back control over their nation peacefully. So far, they haven’t
There is an official election lead by a group called Na’i aupuni that is taking place for Native Hawaiians to get their sovereignty back. 200 Hawaiians are entering the race for a putative 40 seats in the new native Hawaiian government. Native Hawaiians are recognized as one of the poorest ethnic groups in America. Hawaiians are recognized as one of
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The district courts say it is a private vote, and private votes can be race specific. The Supreme Court temporarily stopped the election due to the fact that all Hawaiian citizens could not vote. The vote will continue through December 21st. The U.S. Government formally apologized for the overthrow of the Hawaiian government in the 1990s, but hadn’t done anything about it until the beginning of November.
If the Hawaiians vote for sovereignty and a governing entity, then all of that could be fixed because the Hawaiians would have a dual-citizenship and get the benefits of both the Hawaiian and the American citizenships. The new Hawaiian government would have come up with welfare programs to help out the poor. The Hawaiians would also be able to enjoy a self-sustained government that only native Hawaiians could vote and run for. This means that only Native Hawaiians would be making the laws for Native Hawaiians instead of other people.
There is another group of Hawaiians that want to completely leave the United States. The issues of the native Hawaiian people would be taken a lot more seriously than they are today if this vote
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