Hawonon's Birthday Party Summary

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One of the big events in the book is a Haiwons birthday party. And Sookan was so animated than. At a Haiwons birthday party they were having an amusing time, but trying to hurry the birthday party up because of Captain Narita, and then there was Captain Narita he was really exasperated but sinisterly smiled and took all of their belongings. "I could not help feeling that maybe they were gods"(26) It means that how did Captain Narita know to come at exactly that time. And it changed Sookan to be more leery about things and it matured her to time and plan things better. One other big event that happened in the book is when the Russians came. The Russians came and kicked out the Japanese out of North Korea, the Japanese had a goad to kill all of the Russians and Koreans, and then the Russians stayed in North Korea. And when the Japanese left the Russians were in charge and they would feed…show more content…
Sookan and Inchon were alone and they were told by a man that worked at a train station that would sweep the floor to "go in line on the right side and go to the old guy side and he will know what to do after that" so they did and he had them go under the train and crawl to the field they ran and ran they made it to the fence that on the other side was the south. And the Russians were behind them with their dogs and they crawled underneath and made it to the south. "But instead we heard the whispering of a swollen river."(161-162) They were looking for a hill to go over and then see a fence go to the south, but they didn't see a hill they saw railroad tracks that were over a roaring loud terrifying sound of the rushing river. And the wooden pieces of the railroad were a couple feet apart so it was going to be hard for their small bodies. This changed Sookan, that life is really hard, but you have to pull through it and I think she learned and grew from
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