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Sarge proved himself an excellent guinea pig. He showed off protective googles, sat still while a laser decreased inflammation in his ear, balanced on rubber balls and walked underwater. But Sarge, whose full name is Sargent, is not a guinea pig. He is a 4-year-old pit bull and German shepherd mix who belongs to Cassie York, a rehabilitation technician at The Dog House, which recently became fully operational after months of work. “It’s been a work-in-progress to make sure everything got up to Hawthorne standards,” York said of the facility, which is operated by Hawthorne Animal Hospital. “We’re able to offer the best client experience and patient experience for people that come by.” Hawthorne, which has served local pet owners for almost…show more content…
“We also wanted to have room for the treadmill and rehab. The building we’re at over there (Hawthorne Animal Hospital itself) is usually hopping enough it was hard to find a place to put the treadmill and give it the space that it warranted. So getting this property was kind of the next natural step in the process to expand and make sure we had the room we needed.” The treadmill is not a typical one. It is an underwater treadmill that helps dogs recover after injuries or surgeries.
The treadmill, which costs $45 for one session, is part of The Dog House’s rehabilitation services. According to York, rehabilitation treatments include the underwater treadmill, balance training and laser therapy procedures.
“Laser therapy is a cold-laser treatment that helps increase blood flow to certain areas, decrease inflammation, and help with pain,” York said. “So it’s really awesome.”
Because of these benefits, York said laser therapy helps pets recover from surgery. One laser therapy session costs $48.79.
In addition to grooming and rehabilitation, The Dog House offers dog training from Pam Piazza, a certified professional dog trainer. Piazza teaches puppy classes, obedience training, agility training and one-on-one

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